Tired of receiving unwanted dick pics This Woman hosted an expo - I Did not Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.

A better way of saying I am not interested in your bloody cock

such social behaviours of sexual display are nothing new, but a photography exhibition of this type is definitely new!

Every day hundreds of people send pictures of their genitals to women without anyone specific reason. It is a recent trend that is catching on especially with the spread of smartphones, which allow anyone to send pictures of this type. Most women would rather avoid receiving the photos, but this does not seem to stop these men exhibitionists.

Whitney Bell is a girl like any other, tired of receiving this type of unwanted pics and decided to collect all the unwanted photos that came and called us a show I Did not Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics .

I do not hate men, but simply do not like being harassed ," said the girl in an interview with Vice, " sometimes I asked similar photos to my boyfriend, but I do not want to see the penis of a person whom I don't even know! ".

To collect the material Whitney has also turned to friends, acquaintances and organizations feminists.

Maybe men don’t feel shame the same way women do about their bodies?