Ghost..... Are They Real Or Just A Myth ?

You sit on the couch, reading a book in a quiet corner of my eye and suddenly notice the shadow of a man. And you live alone and not standing next to you, no one who would cast the shadow. You go to the bathroom, and this time you become the shadow face to face. Is it just an urban legend, if people-shadows really exist?


How horrifying is a shadow?

It is said that people-shadows were sighted since ancient times, but real life gained in 2001 during one of the famous broadcast Arta Bella on supernatural phenomena. Bell received hundreds of emails from people who saw each other shadows, some even sent drawings.


It's just a brain?

During sleep paralysis, people can observe a variety of characters in the style of people-shadows. It is then only a daydream and seen by human creatures disappear soon will regain power over their own bodies.


This may create another dimension

The caller Bella, Thunder Strikes, mestizo based on knowledge Cherokee, described as a shadow beings who do not live in our dimension, only to pass it. They have to be conscious and intelligent beings, deeply interested in us. Some may be good, others downright demonic tormenting human life. Shadows are often seen in homes dominated by negative emotions. This does not mean that all of them are bad. According to the strikes, they just feed these emotions - absorb the fear and anger that can occur from direct contact. Being human is to be a determinant of the intention of the shadows without an owner - if a person feels good, it embraces peace, there is nothing to fear. If a creature evokes in her intense fear, you better run. Sometimes this is impossible - some during the meeting, completely awake, they felt paralyzed and could not move any part of his body, until the stranger has not disappeared.


These are not the ghosts?

Some young couple moved into a new home. They did not believe and did not care to paranormal until he began periodically hear suspicious sounds like whispers. Sometimes it felt too foreign odors.One day, they were visited by a friend from work. Evening proceeded perfectly normally until the man invited guest to see his collection of manga. When the three of them stood in the room, they saw a shadow. Shadow at the moment gradually began to disappear, and the unusual activity in the house ceased.


And what about the man in the hat?

However, if the ordinary man-shadow is enough for you, you can always expect a man in a hat. Researchers supernatural phenomena are still not sure whether this gentleman belongs to the same species, but there are many similarities, which may suggest that it is simply a different kind of shadow.The man appears in the night, often even at three o'clock. It is more condensed than the other shadows (100 percent black in black) on his head wears a wide-brimmed hat. His body seems to float above the ground. On people can share their experiences. Tim Brown, the founder of the portal, described his meeting with the man who inspired him to found the page.One day, being in the room, he saw a human figure that stature pointed at the man. But he could not extract from any part of his face, he looked like a shadow - sharp black shadow. He had a hat with a wide brim and a long coat that seemed to flow, even though it was in place. Not uttering a sound, eventually headed toward the hallway and disappeared. Apparently, the man appears, when the family situation is extremely difficult, and another scandal lurks in every room. Then all the household can see this creature. However, according to witnesses, when it arises, anxiety does not decrease, on the contrary - is increasing with every second, the whole room seems to be filled with fear.

Still think they are fake?