From Cinderellas to Tinderellas.......

Dating standards of Millennial girls are now based on Tinder Choices

Remember Cinderella? The shoe wearing, prince finding, one-man-woman-type who was once considered to be the symbol of a well mannered maiden?

Things are not the same anymore folks! millenial girls are no more cinderellas.

The ease of meeting men might be keeping you from meeting the ideal.

Being single can be a very good time. You realize the wide range of available men that are within your reach and, if you feel like it, you can make a great profit from this state. Of all types, sizes, personalities, and the best: no commitment!

As time goes by, you will know a great deal about men and their diversity.

The Tinder application has made it much easier for us to meet new guys to be your prospective boyfriend or your "worst is nothing". With a single touch you can choose the ones that seem more attractive or who, from a single photograph, reflect a personality according to your taste.

If talking seems interesting, you give it a try and you have an appointment. But if the boy does not like you at all, you do not even have to say goodbye to eliminate him from your life.

This is the world of technology, everything so simple and so fast. However, in the long run we could be hurting.

Among so many gallants available, the interest in knowing each one in depth low.And it tends rather to have only precise conversations, in which with a single comment that we do not like, the reaction is usually the same: goodbye.

This fact may contribute to your becoming antisocial and that, when you have a real date, you do not know how to take the situation and you can not establish a fluid conversation.

This is The world of Tinder where everything is so supreficial!