8 Female Behaviors That Men Find Irresistible

No fitness bodies, no high heels, no perfect hairstyles; None of that is on the list. The truth is that stereotypes of "perfect woman" are only met in movies and photoshop. We've been moving away from how much fun it is to be a woman,and they really do not demand so much from that. Here are some tips:


When you wear lenses

When they see a woman wearing a lens they think of two types of girl: the defenseless and fragile, or the one that is safe and independent. In any case, put on a pair of glasses and tell us if they do not turn to look twice.


A not so toned abdomen

Although the perfectly sculpted abdomen has become that stereotype of beauty that many seek, they do not want to see your muscles defined. A slight flab looks more natural.


When you do not look so makeupy

They prefer to see you with a natural makeup, or even better, without it. With these last two points is not that we want to convince you that they prefer the natural, but everything is right. Many of them find it uncomfortable to wait for 2 hours until you are ready to leave. You see? It is a matter of being practical.


Getting stretched in the morning

Waking up to your side, while you are wearing light clothes and you stretch. For men it is just this moment that you look most sincere.


Walking with bare feet

It makes you look vulnerable and defenseless. And the instinct of men is to feel the protector. There is the detail.


The contrast of your tan

The famous 'Line of Sun', another tip to play it right.


Bring hair to natural

A slightly messy hair attracts them more than perfect curls, believe me. You may be spending a lot of unnecessary money, when instead he prefers your natural state.


The good appetite

Not all men think it sexy that you live counting the calories of everything you eat.But if you are a woman who is not ashamed of her appetite and her choices, you show that you are a safe woman who does not need the opinion of others. But I'm not telling you to go and devour the world on the first date, let's take it easy.

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