Some photos show shocking natural extremities on earth, while others give a humorous insight into travelling

1Smile of Tibet

Buddhist monk. Author - Mattia Passarino.

2Prayer in Ramadan

Womens pray at the Istiklal mosque in Jakarta. The author is Pradeep Raja.

3The fight over

A boy playing in the river, trying to fight over, holding the rope. Author - Jerome Jansen.

4Old but small

The parents of this child went to work in the city, he remained in the Chinese village of Wuhan with her grandparents. Author - Hua Zhu

5Festival of colors

Residents of a small Indian city of Barsana celebrate Holi colors. Author - Miguel Salas.

6History and Present

On the crowded streets of the Indian city of Jaipur. Author - Diane Sta Ana.

7Sacred bath

The river Yamuna - the dirtiest river in India and the second to the sacred river Ganga after its inhabitants. Therefore, people with awe bathed in it, ignoring the mud, sludge and scum, followed by swarms of seagulls hunt. Author - Yogesh Gupta.

8Communication of generations

Father and son on the religious festival in a mosque in New Delhi, India.


Modern Cuba from the window of a vintage 1950 Chevrolet. Author - Lorraine Yip.

10Powerful shot

Basketball player. Author - Brandon Kusherov.


Portrait of Miho. Author - Akiomi Kuroda.

12Gate crasher

Taj and Akash - the boy from Bangladesh. Traveling in a car they can not afford. Author - Mauro De Betty.

13Favorite meeting place for residents of Tokyo

Tokyo residents like to meet at the written-off car, installed near the Shibuya train station. Now a tourist information center located there. Author - Hiro Kurashina.

14Lady Havana

In the eyes of the residents of Havana - a million stories. Author photo - Loren Bridlav.

15Another rainy day in Nagasaki

View of the main street of the city tram Nagasaki. Author - Hiro Kurashina.

Image source : National Geographic

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