9 Secret Things To Turn On A Guy

The turn on for guys, unlike what most girls assume, doesn’t start and end in bed. If you really want to know everything about turning a guy on, you need to know how a guy’s mind works and what really matters to a guy.


A woman who compliment a man on his skills in bad

But whatever you do, please just don't lie about it.


A woman who can surprise you with a home cooked meal

Even if you have no idea how to cook.


A woman with a great sense of humor.

Because we can’t deny that there’s something really incredibly attractive about a woman who cracks you up. Comment if you disagree


A woman who appreciate her man

Just tell him what it is that you like about your man. It's going to build their confidences.


A woman who is confident with her sexuality

If you're a freak in the bedroom, then go for it. And if there is something that you like in the bedroom, then like him. Communicate that tohim withconfidence. Even if he's never tried it, I'm sure it's going to turn him on.


A woman who can talk dirty

Men are not only turned by visual stimulus, your filty mind can turn him on as well.Simply because hisn mind is as dirty as yours. Otherwise dirtier!


A woman who can hang with the guys without being a guy

They talk about gross guy things around your girl . She gets it.She's one of the guys. But that's where she DEFINITELY draw the line. She is not that close.


A woman who can be submissive in the bedroom

Men by nature want to take control. And if you are like most women out there, you probably want a man to take control and you want that dominant man in the bedroom. So let him be dominant.


A woman whose comfortable in her own skin.

Of course we all have our insecure moments, but for the most part, a gal who is comfortable with who she is,to be quite honest, you’re a rare breed.

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