9 Cases of Sexuality who Finally found happiness after a Sex Change

Here are 9 stories about people who have changed sex and are happy that they made the move.


Chez Bon (San byvschaya Chastity Bono)

The daughter of singer Cher admitted that in her heart she has always felt like a man, and they became. Now Chaz Bono is a well known LGBT defender, musician and writer, and a very happy person.


Alexis and Karen

This unique marriage of two transsexuals - Alexis perceives himself as male despite being born in a female body, and Karen perceives herself as female but her genitals are those of a male. Alexis and Karen met, fell in love, and decided to become parents. That's why Alexis left his male hormone treatment and, after a period of time, became pregnant. In December 2013, Alexis gave birth to a baby girl named Genesis Angelina.


Ulyana Romanova (formerly Igor Bulgachev)

PR Igor Bulgachёv couple of years ago, went through a series of plastic surgery: - changed his sex, increased breast, rhinoplasty done, changed the shape of the forehead, cheeks, removed the Adam's apple, etc. He was five years old thought he was a girl. Now Ulyana, passed through a bunch of plastic surgery is very happy and believed plastic surgery wonderful invention of mankind and assured that it will continue to improve their appearance.


Kimberly Ann Sallans (formerly Ryan Sallans)

This is one of the most famous lawyers of our time, specializing in the rights of the transgender community, and in 2005 he turned to be a woman named Kimberly Ann Sallans .


Buck Angel (formerly Buck Angel)

Previously, he was the sexy blond beauty. Now Buck is a porn film director and lecturer, and writer, and a lawyer all in one. As a model, he clearly realized, he wants to be a man. So he divorced her husband and took the path to gender reassignment. Today, Buck lives in a happy marriage with a woman who makes films for adults involving transgender (for which he received several awards), as well as programs about people, transsexuals, promoting love for yourself and your body, and also created the first dating site for transgender people.


Arin Andrews and Katie Hill

Very happy couple, despite the fact that a few years ago 17-year-old Arin was a girl named Emerald, a 19-year-old Katie was born as a boy, and her name was Luke.


Helen Morfitt and Felix Laws

The pair is interesting in the first place that they are the first pair of the UK, who married after the sex change. Felix Laws had sex change in 2009 after he was born as a woman. Helen Morfitt was born a man and eight children before sex swap. Pair met at a transgender support group. Later they tie the knot


Jane and Ann Watson (ex-Barry and Ann Watsons)

The couple - Barry and Ann in family life encountered a lot of problems, until Barry does not confess that HE feel like a woman. Eventually he replaced the floor and the couple were married again, but as the two women.


Balian Buschbaum (formerly Yvonne Bushbaum)

Yvonne Bushbaum became an athlete, even managed to speak for the German national team as a pole vaulter. In 2008, he went missing, but soon brought before the world Balian Buschbaum in all its glory. Balian is very happy that he was now in his body - man.

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