7 shocking photos showing what climate change has done to glaciers in 100 years

There is almost nothing left.

In the early twentieth century, the Arctic glaciers were huge fortresses that showed all the charm and mystery of the place. Unfortunately, after 100 years, all that was ended due to climate change, oil exploitation and human intervention, leaving only the memory of those imposing glaciers.

A Swedish photojournalist from Greenpeace named Christian Åslund toured what was once Norway's glaciers and took different images imitating those at the Norwegian Polar Institute. When he compared them he discovered everything that has caused the climate change. The differences are really shocking.

With this, the photographer aims to promote the care of the environment and counteract the effects of climate change, in addition to demonstrating against companies that extract oil in the place.

Christian Åslund

Those huge glaciers that you could see at the beginning of the XX Century have almost nothing to show

Christian Åslund

The same photo, the same place

Christian Åslund

The 21st Century and its hard consequences


There is nothing left to admire

Christian Åslund

Climate change attacks progressively and eliminates those beautiful glaciers that enchanted one day

Christian Åslund

Now there are only mountains and water

Christian Åslund

And the memory of what were formerly glaciers and snow that covered the place in white

If you want to help stop this, you can sign the "Save the Arctic" request .

Your little help can have big consequences.

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