Meet The Super Rich Sulthan Of Brunei- The King Of Luxury!

There are many rich and famous people in the world, but not everyone knows the art to splurge it. However, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, better known as the Sultan of Brunei is one such person who is well versed with this art of spending the riches in the most lavish ways. One of the last remaining absolute monarchs in the world, Sultan has earned enough from reserves of oil and natural gas, that he doesn't have to think twice about getting a haircut for a mind-boggling $21,000.
His sultanate is one of the world’s most financially affluent and communally sheltered societies, where people even do not have to pay any kind of income tax, thanks to the humane touch of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah net worth.
Let's have a look at Sulthan Hassanul Bolkia's luxurious Palace

Istana Nurul Iman palace is the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei is named as the largest residential palace in the world and the largest single family residence ever built.

Now His Daughter's wedding can't be anything less than a festival

Luxurious car collection

How can he use an ordianry phone? Sultan’s cell phone is obviously covered in GOLD

LEICA M6 Sultan of Negeri Brunei Darussalam Silver Jubilee 24ct Gold Edition w/gold plated

Who can own the most luxurious aircraft in the world, (inlaid with gold) other than him?

The Sultan has also a Boeing 747 worth a hundred million dollars, and then re-designed as a home at a cost of more than one hundred and twenty million dollars.

Airbus A340-200 seats up to 261 passengers in a three-class cabin layout have a range of 7,450 nautical miles (13,800 km). jet is the only version with wingspan measuring greater than the length of the fuselage. This was launched for long and thin routes, especially over water. He also has six small aircraft and two helicopters.

He even got this!

Heights of Luxury! Isn't it?