Meet the Star of the day,Finnish "Fitness Barbie", obesity and anorexia survivor

Lola Pahkinamaki, 24, from Turku, Finland, had a harsh time growing up with her parents being alcoholics and her grandfather taunting her about her appearance and weight. All of this made her eating way too much, which ultimately resulted in obesity. But at the age of 15 she decided to leave this hell, and started eating healthily and working out.

As a result she lost weight (80 kg to 34) fell ill with anorexia.The worst period of her life Lola survived those days eating one apple and practicing for 4-5hours.

And thus,she Almost died from anorexia.

After a hospital stay and going into therapy, Lola finally began healing physically and emotionally, despite lacking a support system. “It’s a miracle I had so much faith in myself to survive,” she says.

Today Lola runs a profile on Instagram, which presents herself as Lola Fitness Barbie . Not without reason - the girl gave herself a breast augmentation surgery to resemble the idol of the childhood


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She says as a child she loved Barbie. Today Lola is aware that she does not look exactly like a doll, but she likes it when people turn to call her "Barbie" because she sees some similarity to the figure of barbie dolls.

"I know I do not look like Barbie, but these positive comments, and comparing me to Barbie really mean a lot to me," - Says instagram model.

"My message is: Do not try to lose weight or change for someone else. Other people's opinions are not as important as Your own assessment."

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