Do you want to look inside a typical Tuscan house?

In the journey we rarely look inside an ordinary house, in order to understand how life works, not only in the streets and in public places, such as this one artistic quarter in Rimini , but in the "private fortresses." This time we managed to find Housser without leaving Italy. And with the kind permission of the hostess, Eva Hesse, we walk today in her home and see how they live in Tuscany.

House Eve not to say that a very old - he's only 90 years old. Compared to many some local houses, which the 300-400 years, very young man. By the way, our second haussitting in Tuscany is precisely in this venerable building, and from there we also do photo-reportage.

However, it was built by the traditional technology - made of stone, with meter-thick walls, retaining heat in winter and cool in summer, small windows.

Annexe, formerly the former garage, Eve turned to the salon and equipped almost panoramic doors and window :)

In general, it is very rare in Italy - the house in which architectural improvements can be carried out. Eve was very lucky that the house was already this extension, and change its purpose - from the garage into the living room - did not need special permits.

But prodelyvat house additional holes commune strictly prohibited. Therefore, the output of steel glass doors, which simultaneously serve both windows.

A deceptively small from the outside, quite spacious inside the house. The master includes a large part of the area with a variety of areas, a kitchen, a bathroom and an office. On the second floor - a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

Kitchen - simple wooden shelves. Note that the right can be seen a piece of the door curtain. This decision I have seen in different homes in Tuscany. And, the truth, how much space it saves.

These are the surprises in the old houses at every turn. I also thought it was soap. But no - salt.

Fireplace Eve turned to a secretary, and keeps paper out there :)

What do you see out of the corner on the left and the right - a door.

The windows are always attached toooolstye shutters. Eve are internal and are only protected from the sun. Because the windows are very high quality. Most often, it is possible to meet external shutters, which traditionally protects against heat and cold.

These are the lockers and casket - just a small part of what is in the house, and that can be found on various mercato di usato and di seconda mano.

Guest of the house is the kitchen with the living room on the first floor and a bedroom with bathroom- second.

This "stoves" enough in the winter to heat both floors, igniting only once a day in the morning.

Worktop in the kitchen of solid stone, including the sink.

Natural stone, wood, pottery ..

Pile nicest traditional kitchen Pribluda. Here are a couple: Fish for chopping nuts and butter dish with a special knife.

The walls are so thick, that I do not have to even reach the edge.

Very often in the Tuscan manors used wicker boxes, baskets and drawers to store things. Here, for example, in the chest.

Stairs to the second floor. Rate steps: in masonry laid bar, and attached to it the step. Stand the elephant :) If he was able to climb.

You've probably already noticed the ceiling? But here it is especially good.

Dissonance, which makes the switch in the middle of the wall, helping to smooth the picture.

Pay attention to this podpotolochnye niche? There are sitting cute little animals.

By the way, many pictures in Eva's house written it, and some - her grandfather. This one - Evin authorship.

Since I found the window, and will show the view from the window.

Returning to niches: they are always a lot in any Tuscan home. And they give space for fantasy decorator.

Good the tray? And decanter? Here is another masterpiece: forging, straws and a little plastic.

For blinds made of bamboo and straw hides a small dressing room and a bathroom.

Evaluate the solution for any visyulek. The walls do not need to hammer away.

From the most unlikely of places for you stare here are created. And they look very organic.

In the wonderful Tuscan house on the hill.