It may look like the women of Haiti are making utensils out of pottery, but it's actually the food they're making!

yes, this is a shockingly strange but true visual from the Haiti, the Caribbean country recovering from the aftermaths of an earthquake. The prices of foods are skyrocketing and sometimes people are left with no choice but to eat whatever is available in their resources.

Three-quarters of Haitians live on less than US$2 per day, and half of the population earns less than US$1 per day

if you lived in Haiti, one of the poorest nations on earth, the best delicacy on the table (if there is a table) could possibly be 'Mud Cakes'. No, this is not a fancy term for fudgy chocolate cake, it literally refers to crunchy cakes made with mud.

Known locally as "galette" these cakes are made out of a special kind of mud that's rich with minerals

People in Haiti are desperate to fill their tummies with anything for them to survive so they decided to make mud cookies. These cookies are said to be a traditional remedy to stave off hunger. They also give mud cookies to pregnant women as a source of calcium.

Mud cookie is composed of edible clay, vegetable oil, and salt. The ingredients are mixed, strained and left under the sun to be baked. Easy as pie. The finished products are then gathered and sold in markets or along the streets. Because of the demand for edible clay, its price is also mounting up these days.

According to some experts, eating mud cookie can have health benefits but can be very risky. The clay can contain toxins or parasites that could bring harmful effects as well as diseases in our body.

Whether it be for medicinal reasons or just to keep starvation at bay, it is a humbling thought that somewhere in the world, people are living by literally eating mud.

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Think before you waste food ....There are people out there who really deserve it.