These Were the Choices of 14 Sentenced to Death for Their Last Meal in the US

The number of death sentences in the United States has been declining in the past 20 years, but it still exists in 31 of the 50 states. In most states and countries where the death penalty is legal, there is a custom to give the sentenced a final meal of their choice, although there are restrictions (in Florida, for example, the meal should cost a maximum of $ 40 and be Possible to prepare it locally).

"I investigated and found a public record of meals. For the first time, these people were humanized, "he told Business Insider. His series "No Seconds" and "A Year of Killing" explore the latest meals through staged photographs.

Here are some of the photographer's records.


Steven Frederick Spears, 54, Georgia: murder, killed with lethal injection in 2016



Christopher Brooks, 43, Alabama: murder and rape, killed by lethal injection in 2016

Peanut butter and soda.


Victor Feguer, 28, Iowa: kidnapping and murder, killed with lethal injection in 1963

A single olive


Timothy McVeigh, 33, Indiana: 168 counts of murder, killed with lethal injection in 2001

Mint ice cream with chocolate


Ricky Ray Rector, 42, Arkansas: Two counts of murder, killed with lethal injection in 1992

Steak, Fried Chicken, Walnut Pie and Kool-Aid Cherry


Teresa Lewis, 41, Virginia: murder, conspiracy and robbery, killed by lethal injection in 2010

Fried chicken, peas with butter, apple pie and soda.


Stephen Anderson, 49: robbery, prison escape, 7 murders, killed by lethal injection in 2002

Two cheese toast, peach cobbler, ice cream and radishes


Ted Bundy, 43, Florida: rape, necrophilia, prison escape, more than 35 murders, death in electric chair in 1989

Refused the choice, then received the traditional: steak, eggs, toast with butter and jelly, milk and juice.


Angel Nieves Díaz, 55, Florida: homicide, kidnapping and robbery, killed with lethal injection in 2006

Refusing the right of choice, he was served the regular prison meal, which he also rejected. The case of Diaz is a subject of debate to this day, because the circumstances and evidences were controversial.
In refusing his last meal, the convict said, "The state of Florida is killing an innocent person. The state of Florida is committing a crime because I am innocent. The death penalty is not only a form of revenge, it is also a cowardly act of humans. I'm sorry for what is happening to me and my family, which is having to go through this. "


Ronnie Lee Gardner, 49, Utah: robbery, robbery and 2 counts of murder, killed by firing squad in 2010

Lobster, steak, apple pie and vanilla ice cream while watching Lord of the Rings.


Brandon Jones, 72, Georgia: murder, killed by lethal injection in 2016

If he refused to make the choice, then he received the standard menu: chicken, rice, white beans, kale, turnip, bread pudding and fruit punch.


Earl Forrest, 66, Missouri: Triple homicide killed with lethal injection in 2016

Steak, pasta, tomato and sliced ​​cucumber, chocolate cake, milk and fruit


Oscar Ray Bolin, 53, Florida: 3 counts of murder, killed with lethal injection in 2016

Steak, baked potatoes, salad, roasted garlic bread, lemon cake with meringue and soda.