While some of you disagree, I think modeling is much more than simply selling a product . Yes, we usually see pictures of models that promote costumes, a cologne or a clock, but we forget that a simple pose can be much more than that: it can deliver a powerful idea, a strong conviction or an important message.
Precisely all these things are what these five women do. They are the most quoted models of disability in the world and through their photographs try to show their stories of improvement, making it clear that there are no limits to reach the place you want.

1Alexandra Kutas

She was born with her physical disability. A bad praxis does not let her walk or move. She has to do everything in her wheelchair, and it was just as she convinced the Ukrainian designer Flodor Vozianov that it could be a haute couture model. He did not accept models that did not meet his standards ... until he met Alexandra.

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2Shaholly Ayers

This girl was born without her right forearm but was never an impediment to her. Her parents instilled her since she was a little girl and it was with that mentality that the American won her place in the Nordstrom brand and in the magazines GQ Italia , GQ Japan and Glamor .

3Rebekah Marine

Modeling was always the dream of her life and suffered dozens of rejections by agents. This made her feel ashamed of the malformation on her left arm, until she got her quantum prosthesis. The confidence returned to her and after several more attempts, debuted in the week of the fashion of New York with the agency Models of Difference .

4Aimee Mullins

This American has broken the stereotypes in every field she has been able to. She is a model, sportswoman and actress. Paralympic champion in the 100 and 200 meters flat (1996) and also in high jump. She was the face of L'Oreal and today works at the Pentagon. A woman with no limits.

5Debbie Van Der Putten

She is a Dutch woman who had a car accident at age 22. That was when she lost her arm. After this, the trauma was such that it avoided looking at mirrors. She felt she had lost her charm. But then something made her change, and decided to show that despite that, she could look sensual if she wanted. She came to pose for Playboy magazine in 2007.

6Jack Eyers

British personal trainer Jack Eyers became the first male amputee model to strut his stuff on the catwalk in the show; he had his leg amputated aged 16.


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