Do you want to be the next reality TV star? Is your life, family, or profession compelling enough to become a show? Looking back on all the different seasons, we noticed a few reality show loopholes — a sort of how-to for winning reality competitions.

1Never be too smart

You can't be the one who knows they're smarter than everyone else and alienates them. While you want to have a base of strategy, having too much of it gets you in trouble more often than not.

2Have a Sob Story

Many contestants on thesed shows have used a sob story from their past to help earn some favoritism among the group. Whether there was a tragic death in your family or you overcame a serious illness, fans and fellow contestants will find it a lot harder to vote you off if they’re too busy feeling sorry/admiring you.

3Impress the Producers and not the Judges

In most competition shows, a clause in the contract says the producer—not the judges—has the final say in who’s eliminated. The judges usually make the picks, but producers do step in occasionally and say, “This person is really good for the show; I don’t want him kicked off just yet.”

4Be ready to alter your entire personalities for the show.

Remember Viktor Kee? The looks he adopted for the show was one of the greatest attraction.

5Be the averager

It’s a strange concept to wrap your mind around, but in this competition being favored to win isn’t necessary a good thing — in fact, it could be your undoing. It’s true what they say: everyone (even former adviser Tim Gunn) loves the underdog.

6If you are lying, Rehearse yourself well

The big shows do an extensive background check on all prospective stars. We call friends and family members, conduct drug and STD tests, make you sit through endless interviews, and do psychological and physical examinations.

7For shows like BGT and AGT bring in some patriotism

yes, patriotism is one key point to win the hearts of the Judges as well as the audience.

Still not convinced? Here is a video from the famous Lee proving the point

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